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Why Hire a Facade Consultant?

Cost Savings

  • Optimizing the design for high performance whilst still maintaining the budget.
  • Designing to achieve operational cost savings (Air-conditioning, cleaning and maintenance), and design for increased life span.
  • Minimizing Contractor Variations by providing the right technical information from the beginning. Reducing the volume of disputes, and technical and performance problems which would normally be incurred without having a specialist consultant.

Time Savings

  • It is important to the client to maintain the project program and minimize contractor delays.  KWP works with the Contractors and Architects to efficiently check shop drawings without delay and to help keep the project moving forward.
  • Help the Client and Architect save time by working closely in the early stages of design.
  • Provide tender documentation that is near shop drawing quality in order to explain the Architects design intent fully.
  • Work closely with structural and mechanical engineers to provide a complete and coordinated tender drawing set and specifications.

Improved Quality

  • Achieving a high quality façade requires great attention to detail.  We work as the Clients façade quality control experts to ensure they get what they paid for.
  • Checking the design, engineering, and testing of the works, to ensure that technical requirements are satisfied.
  • All materials are cross checked against the project specification to verify quality.  Ensuring that the selected materials are suitable for building life.
  • Overseeing the Façade Contractor’s works in the factory and on-site, to ensure a high standard.


Bus Station Dongguan

Dongguan, China
Architect : KWP Architects
Cladding Area : 5000
Date : TBC