Lighting Design

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Lighting Design Consulting Services

KWP (Konstruct West Partners) provides technical and specialist Lighting Design Consulting Services on an international level.  KWP (Konstruct West Partners) provides the following specialist consultancies; Facade Consulting, Exterior Wall Consulting, Curtain Wall Consulting, Leed Consulting, BMU Consulting, Waterproofing Consulting and Lighting Consulting.  KWP (Konstruct West Partners) international consultants and experts provide invaluable service to some of the most prominent Developers and Architects around the world. KWP (Konstruct West Partners) provide expert facade consultants and facade consulting services to assist Building Owners, Architects and Contractors from design through construction completion on all types of lighting systems.



Harbin Bank Building

Architect : Gensler
Cladding Area : 20000
Date : 2015