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Lighting Design Consulting

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Initial site visit to survey and record existing lighting and control equipment. Consideration of daylight and artificial lighting. Cultural analysis.

Concept Design
Prepare and present a lighting concept design based on Owners requirement.

Schematic Design
Further development of the approved Concept Design and key performance requirements

Design Development
Implementation of optimal lighting design with Architects aesthetic/performance

Tender Drawings and Specification
Fully developed drawings and specification, protecting Owner from Contractor variation orders

Tender (Bid) Evaluation Consulting
Advising on the most technically qualified contractor and suppliers of the project.

Mock-up Review
Witnessing and inspection lighting mock-up and control equipment

Shop Drawing Review
Saving project quality by enforcing tender documents as originally designed by consultants

Site Inspections
Scrutinizing assembly, construction work and commissioning of lighting and control system.


Nanchang Shangri-La

Architect : KKS
Cladding Area : 22,000
Date : 2012