Exterior Wall

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Speciality Services

Expert Witness Service
Expert services for case studies and law suites to building owners who experience negligent design and construction services

Wind and Lateral Loading Calculators and Report
Provide wind load and lateral force and load calculations and advise to Architects

Thermal Analysis
Building performance and termal analysis using the latest software to enhance user comfort and energy savings

Daylight Modeling
Analyze and model day lighting for architectural designs of typical areas or entire building reports

Complex Geometry Solutions
Solving complex geometry facades through computer generated resolution software. 3D modeling - Rendering and modeling of entire buildings or particular exterior wall systems.

Local Codes of Practice
Consulting to Architects for local codes of practice world wide on exterior faceade systems Many other material analysis and building modeling services are available. Please contact KWP for any exterior wall services you may require and we will tailor our services to meet your specific needs



Tishman Speyer, The Springs F3

Architect : Gensler
Cladding Area : 80000
Date : 2014