Architectural Visualization
and Production Services

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Our Production Services

CAD Drafting Services: KWP (Konstruct West Partners) services include paper-to-CAD conversion, redlines, page formatting and cad shop drawings. KWP works using your layers and CAD standards. Send us samples of your completed projects that are similar in scope and we will match your standards. KWP use AutoCAD and Micro-station programs.

2D and 3D Coloured Plans: KWP (Konstruct West Partners) can turn your simple CAD plans into easily readable presentation material.

Masterplans and Urban Design plans: KWP (Konstruct West Partners) can turn your design requirements into complete 2D & 3D design presentations.

Building Information Modeling (BIM): KWP (Konstruct West Partners) provide cutting-edge building information modeling services (BIM) with our integrated modeling services as per specific requirements of our clients to communicate, collaborate and create design information related models to all involved in the process of design and execution.

3D Modeling + Rendering: KWP (Konstruct West Partners) High Quality computer visualizations from 3d computer models to help realize your designs. Our Architectural and Engineering trained CG artists create visually dynamic and accurate images including photo-montages

Animations: KWP (Konstruct West Partners)have produced 3D animations encompassing Architectural Exteriors and Interiors, Infrastructure, Commercial, and Institutional projects. KWP also combine photos, renderings, animations and video to create striking, exciting and interactive multimedia presentations.

Graphic Design: KWP (Konstruct West Partners) Graphic artists provide architectural and engineering report design and layout services. Simply provide us with your content and we'll do the rest.

Architectural Scale Models: KWP (Konstruct West Partners) models bring a design project to life and transform dreams and ideas into reality. We provide high technology with the best quality in building laser cut architectural scale models to let customers better visualize how a project will look in real life.


KWP is your greatest source of Architectural Visualization and Production Services