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Architectural Scale Models

KWP (Konstruct West Partners) models bring a design project to life and transform dreams and ideas into reality. We provide high technology with the best quality in building laser cut architectural scale models.

People love looking at models. Scale models allow customers to visualize how a project will look in reality.

The models can be conceptual massing models, which are great for early design stages. Many clients build a small-scale model of several options for use in client presentations. These can assist in achieving client sign off.  Never underestimate the power of allowing the client to 'hold' their prospective new building in their hands.

On the other end of the spectrum, models can be completely realistic and extremely detailed. These models are excellent for showcasing the design in a sales suite or exhibition booth.

KWP can also produce interactive models with lighting, building colour zoning that keys to an index or is linked with a voiceover soundtrack. We can also integrate video displays and animations with the model to truly bring the project to life.

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