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An animation can convey the spirit and mood of a project unlike no other medium.  KWP (Konstruct West Partners) have a team of specialized computer animators that bring your project to life.

At KWP the animation length and complexity can be completely customized to suit your needs. KWP can produce a short animation, which simply follows a path outside the building. KWP animations often go a step further and move outside as well as inside the building. KWP often produce more complex animations complete with voice over, custom live footage and music, which are used for marketing and presentations.

At KWP we provide the following animation services from which you can chose to create the perfect animation for your needs:

  • Storyboard layouts, which map out the events in the animation.
  • Still image shots with pans, fades and zooms.
  • Music selection that is timed with events in the animation.
  • Stock footage merged into the animation.
  • Live filming for your particular project by our Director
  • Customized intro or end sequences (eg. Animated logo's and text)
  • Overlay rendered graphics with still images – like Google Earth
  • Voice over's - KWP have many voice artists available to convey the right tone and accent for your project
  • Director service – we can take your brief and put together the concept, storey board, dialogue and music.
  • Interactive multimedia presentations


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KWP is your greatest source of Architectural Visualization and Production Services