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3-D Modeling and Rendering

Aerial Renderings provide a bird's eye perspective of the development. KWP (Konstruct West Partners) views capture the essence of the project and in our skilled hands they convey the emotion and excitement of the design.

Conceptual Renderings can convey the feeling and spirit of the design even when the project is in the early design stages.

Elevation Renderings KWP elevations are generated from the 3D model with the materials, lighting and entourage matching the other views.

Exterior Renderings are generally at eye level. KWP replicates the experience of the viewing a completed project. These views can describe the approach sequence, the relationship of the new building in context and site lines.

Interior Renderings Show off your design with KWP's amazing, lifelike interior renderings.

Masterplan Renderings are for large projects where the view is taken from high above in order to view the extent of the project. KWP's skilled renderers are able to convey depth and with lighting and other techniques to give the correct mood and feeling the image.

Photomontage Renderings are great for truly conveying the new building in the actual site context. For urban infill projects photomontages are indispensible. KWP have the skill to ensure the model replicates the view angle, perspective and lighting characteristics of the original photo to achieve the required realism.

Watercolour Renderings are a great visual tool, which can convey the mood and feel which suits many architectural styles and clients needs.

Product Renderings are specialized images that replicate the product. It allows a true representation of the object prior to production.

3D Axonometric Floor Plan Renderings are very useful for presenting the interior and special relationships of buildings.


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