Architectural Visualization
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2D and 3D Coloured Plans

2D Coloured Plans

Architectural floor plans are an important part in telling the story of the building. For many people reading black and white plans can be very disorienting. Coloured plans with scale furniture, shadow and differentiated floor coverings enable to plans to speak clearly.

With KWP (Konstruct West Partners) we can produce vibrant and clear coloured plans. Producing these in-house can be a difficult process particularly when time is critical. With our professional service you can be assured the deadline and quality expectations will be met. KWP can produce:

  • Coloured Floor Plans
  • Coloured Site Plans
  • Annotation and Dimension

Samples of our work


3-D Coloured Plans

KWP can also set your plans a step above the others with 3-D axonometric floor plan representation. With walls in place complete with materials, windows, doors and furniture a 3-D plan can bring the design to life.

Samples of our work


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